LA TECNOGALVANO represents one of the main player in the production of processes for the traditional galvanic and metal surface finishing and plating on plastic treatment sectors, offering integrated solutions for galvanic processes, plants and accurate services of: post-sales, analysis, research, galvanic line design and technical consultancy.
A wide range of products, especially galvanic specialties with innovative and eco-compatible formulations, allow applications in numerous fields including the technical sector (taps-sanitary fittings - valves industry, electronics, devices for the food sector) to the decorative sector and via the subsidiary Index Due S.r.l., the electronics and printed circuit sectors.


LA TECNOGALVANO di Pogno (Piedmont - Italy) is a leading company in the field of both traditional and innovative galvanic processes.
Over fifty years of experience in galvanising and numerous partnerships and collaborations allow LA TECNOGALVANO to continuously innovate the products and services offered on the market.



La Tecnogalvano is specialised in the production of customisable galvanic processes for every need.
From traditional galvanic treatments to the most innovative processes, from POP to Reel to Reel:
read more information in the dedicated section and contact us for customised quotes.


Research and development of innovative processes are at the base of the company's philosophy:
new technologies, attention to the environment and new processes characterise the past few years of work.

Ruveco® Lab

La Tecnogalvano has developed the Ruveco® Lab Research and Analysis Laboratory, which carries out all the analysis and tests on galvanic coatings.
With accuracy and innovative tools, we work every day to safeguard environmental and human health.


Strengthened by know-how and experience, the management and technicians of La Tecnogalvano are able to provide an accurate consulting service on different fronts, from the galvanic line design and engineering of “turnkey” galvanic plants to the modernisation of existing plants.