CONSULTING - La Tecnogalvano s.r.l.

Strengthened by know-how and experience, the management and technicians of La Tecnogalvano are able to provide an accurate consulting service on different fronts, from the design and engineering of “turnkey” galvanic plants to the modernisation of existing plants.
Among the services, careful and assiduous after-sales technical assistance stands out, which, through the analysis laboratory, supports the control of the efficiency of the galvanic baths in order to obtain the best quality of the desired finishes.


LA TECNOGALVANO assists interested companies in the implementation and realisation of turnkey galvanic plants of different types and for all applications, through a design and engineering service aimed at optimising the customer's needs and accompanying them at every stage of the project development.

Faced with requests for modernisation of the systems, LA TECNOGALVANO carries out a careful analysis of convenience and feasibility. In the event of a positive outcome, they are subjected to revamping, i.e. a review and restructuring activity, in order to extend the functionality in the production process.