RONALLOY GT 300™ - T.E.A.®B - La Tecnogalvano s.r.l.

After years of research, development and experimentation, in collaboration with technical experts from the Lucerne laboratory of the Dow-Dupont partner, 2019 began under the best auspices with the industrialisation of the innovative white-acid bronze process, free from cyanides and with the subsequent placing on the market.

It is a project bearing La Tecnogalvano signature and patented by Dupont.
RONALLOY™ GT-300/T.E.A.®B is distributed in Europe exclusively by La Tecnogalvano.

RONALLOY™ GT-300 white electrolytic bronze: an alternative to classic cyanide- and lead-free nickel deposits.
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It's a process with a very low environmental impact: the concentration of salts is three times lower than traditional processes.

Deposits of RONALLOY™ GT-300 /T.E.A.®B are obtained up to 20 µm.

REACH compliance (CR Regulation No. 1907/2006) for greater protection of human health and the environment.

It does not contain toxic heavy metals such as Lead, Cobalt and Cadmium.


Food & beverage and drinking water sector (components of professional coffee machines and vending machines): RONALLOY™ GT-300/T.E.A.®B deposits are used both as a finish and as a substrate, suitable for nickel replacement.

Fashion and costume jewellery (logos, brands, jewellery and fashion accessories): replaces the classic white cyanide bronze

Plumbing and heating sector (taps, fittings and industrial valves)

Maximum customisation: it can be applied as a substrate to the finishes in gold, palladium, chrome and their combinations.