RUVECO®PLUS TECHNOLOGY - La Tecnogalvano s.r.l.

The Ruveco® Plus process is used to remove lead from the brass and bronze surface. The process is commonly referred to as lead leaching.
Brasses, even if with a low lead content, contaminate drinking water and food (coffee, soft drinks...) that come into contact with it. Lead is a contaminant that accumulates in the body and is toxic (especially for children), which is why the regulations of many countries have aligned themselves with the directives of the WHO (World Health Organisation).

The elimination of lead from brass and bronze products therefore becomes a primary objective for the quality of the products and the safeguarding of human health.

The Ruveco®Plus process superficially eliminates lead, in a simple, effective and economical way, through a series of suitably formulated and selective baths, for the chemical removal of this metal.

The Ruveco® Plus process is a technology patented by La Tecnogalvano.

FEATURES that make RUVECO®PLUS unique on the market:

High selectivity with respect to Lead;

Unaltered final aesthetic appearance of the treated brass, with long-lasting effect.

Quality analysis and assurance of process results

Possibility of applying the RUVECO®PLUS process even after traditional nickel-plating and chrome-plating treatments. The action of the same takes place in the uncoated internal parts, without damaging the surfaces already treated.